Handmade from Missouri & Kansas Sweet Corn

Demetrius Cain is a 6th Generation Sweet corn farmer and head distiller of Hi-Post Vodka. Using his families varietal of Sweet Corn for the base we offer you the smoothest handmade American Vodka.

We take a blend of sweet corn grown on our own farms in Atchinon, Kansas and Union Missouri.

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We proudly manufacture everything for Hi-Post in house. From farming, fermentation , distillation and bottling we are proud to bring you a fully grain to glass one of a kind American made vodka.


We make Hi-Post from 100% Sweet corn grown in house. Our farms are located in both Kansas and Missouri and we blend the two. We grow our corn specifically for alcohol so only the highest quality corn is used.


All of Hi-Post bottling and labeling is done in house.